*MEDICARE /State Insurances
            (Palma only)

 *Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)                                                * Optum

 *MAGELLAN                                                                                              *Amerihealth 65

 *Cigna/United Behavioral Health Care                                                 *Amerihealth PPO & CMM

 *Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield                                                        *Amerihealth HMO/POS

 *Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice                                        *Independence Administrators

 *Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice 65                                    *Amerihealth Administrators

 *Independence B. C.  Keystone Health Plan East (HMO/POS)            *Devereux

 *Independence Blue Cross Blue Chip Keystone Health Plan East      *US Family Health Plan

 *Independence Blue Cross Keystone 65                                                 *Geisinger Health Plan     

 *Employer Accounts
   (i.e Comcast employees, Lowes employees, Exxon employees, etc..)

 *Health Partners CHIP-KidzPartners                                                         *Health Partners Medicare Advantage             




 Are you in-network with my insurance plan ? ​

 Feel free to email our billing support specialist who can check eligiblitiy for in-network coverage. (We have   a  variety of other payment options available as well.)

 Please submit all billing/insurance questions to:   [email protected]

 Please be sure to include the following information:
  1. Insured person's full name, date of birth
  2. Insurance Card Company name and  policy number. 
  3. Phone number on back of your card for "mental health provider".