We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand,"
 --Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture.

  I am a clinical counselor and have a Master's Degrees in School Counseling and Sociology from Lehigh University. As I come from a large family myself, I can understand the unique challenges that are involved with parenting and complexity of raising children.

 I will listen to you and offer encouragement as you grow and heal. I can help you to improve your children’s behaviors and gain a better understanding of yourself. I provide a judgement-free atmosphere in which you can make sense of your situation and learn to make healthier life choices. I have spent years doing research on families, child abuse, and how people overcome personal struggles, am now using this knowledge to help others.
 I am currently accepting new clients, and I am trained in working with depression, anxiety, and play therapy.  This is often useful for children (ages 3-13) as they often have a hard time expressing themselves, but through play they may begin to express feelings and communicate with their therapist. I also do parent-child sessions in which I can help you improve your relationship with your child/children, and specialize in “women’s issues”.

​​Stacy Gilligan, M.S. School Counseling Play Therapist, Women’s Issues  

     I  come from a military family and understand the unique clinical challenges that many people in the armed services experience; whether it is a soldier who has recently returned from combat, or the spouse of a soldier who is waiting for their partner to come back home.
I enjoy working with people from different sexual orientations and genders. When counseling a client who has experienced trauma, I focus on being a strong and emotional support to help them feel safe and comfortable, especially when they discuss very personal or difficult life events.
Clients will often hear me say that they “are not alone” in their experiences, feelings, and coping mechanisms during and after their trauma. I have also worked with clients in recovery and work consistently to aid my clients in working through feelings of shame, doubt, and helplessness.
 I encourage clients to speak openly and honestly with me on our therapeutic process in order to specifically tailor the counseling to best meet their needs. Reaching out for counseling can be a challenging experience and working on personal narratives can seem like an intimidating process. I am passionate about helping to guide clients through their narratives so they can live happier and more fulfilling lives. 
I enjoy skiing, interior design, and am a dog lover.

Michelle Capone, BS.  Head Intern
Trauma Therapy, Teens, Adults, LGBT] ​​